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Your Genes Not for Sale

What the Myriad Case Means for the Future of Biotech Research

The Supreme Court, in denying Myriad the ability to patent human genes, has reaffirmed that some discoveries are inventions worthy of private ownership and others are simply part of the laws of nature.

Getting Innovative with Regional Innovation Funding

Amidst the president’s national “Jobs and Opportunity Tour,” the Commerce Department quietly unrolled an innovative platform to support creative coordination among technology, trade, training, and economic growth in America’s regions.


The Dollars And Science of Fishery Management

Sound fisheries management requires sound science, and sound science costs money. With a major piece of fisheries legislation up for reauthorization, Congress is set to decide whether or not adequate funding is available to ensure America’s fisheries can be enjoyed by future generations.


Science and the Public Square

Why does science so often drive irksome political debates? It could be the way science helps us better understand the boundary of what activities ought to be considered “public,” and therefore an appropriate object of government regulation, and what is “private.”


Future Choices II

Despite the increasing popularity, sophistication, and availability of assisted reproductive technologies, the rights and responsibilities surrounding those who take part in these processes are still largely undefined.