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A science-free Congress?

To our dismay, and the nation’s detriment, self-described climate change deniers – strongly supported by fossil-fuel interests — continue to mislead Congress and the public. In late January, we joined 14 other leading scientists in writing a letter to every [...]

Scientific Integrity: Open for Discussion

The same day that President Obama relaxed restrictions on federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research, he issued a directive to the Office of Science and Technology director to coordinate a new set of recommendations to protect scientific integrity [...]


Saving Scientific Integrity

The eight years of the Bush administration were a bad time for scientific integrity in government research. Grifo, of the Union of Concerned Scientists, says we must focus on protecting government researchers, making science-based policymaking more transparent, and monitoring potential abuses.

Where Is Science Going? Panel Discusses Science Next

Federal funding support for basic scientific research wasn’t always a focal point of government policy. In fact, President John Quincy Adams’s arguements for “internal improvements” such as the establishment of a uniform system of weights and measures, a survey of [...]

Scientists: Being and Becoming

It is a commonplace that the physician’s role is a complicated one: applying inexact science to demanding patients, caring for people when they are at their most vulnerable while also worrying about reimbursement to sustain the effort, and balancing duties [...]


Scientific Integrity Makes a Comeback

A federal court ruled Monday that an FDA decision to limit access to emergency contraception was based on politics and ignored scientific advice. The move highlights the importance of Obama administration directives to protect scientific integrity in the policymaking process.


Quiet Heroes

The United States boasts a huge corps of public-servant scientists devoted to going where the evidence takes them and who, as of Wednesday, will for the first time in years be respected by the highest officials in the land for what they do.

The Top 12 Science Progress Features of 2008

numbers counting down from 12 to 1Here’s a look back at the most popular features we ran in the past year. Some of them dealt with major controversies over political interference with science at the Environmental Protection Agency, the teaching of creationism, and access to reproductive health services. Others tackled challenges of a networked world, or considered how policy can better harness the talents of a burgeoning scientific workforce.

Science, the Long-Lost Friend of Policy

Over at The Wild Side, Olivia Judson is cheering the return of a government that does not simply embrace scientific thinking, but uses it as a force for improving people’s lives. She looks back on the Bush years and forward to the future.


All the President’s Scientists

For eight years running, the National Academy of Sciences has offered public advice on scientific appointments for the next administration and seen its advice largely ignored. This year, the tone is different, and it’s time to pay attention.