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A Forecast for Disaster

Weather predictions used to be a frequent punchline but they have improved dramatically in recent years. More often than not you’ll need an umbrella if your local television channel or website of choice tells you to bring one when you [...]


Shell Survivors

Pollution in coastal waters around the country has damaged shellfish habitats for decades, but promising restoration programs can preserve the tiny bivalves that are crucial to healthy waters along our shorelines.


A Rising Tide Sinks All Coasts

A flood of recent reports indicate that as a result of global warming, oceans levels are creeping upward far faster than originally predicted. Coastal residents around the world must adapt, and poor nations will need swift help.


Earth Raises Its Beach Umbrella

Some scientists are suggesting that marine algae are responding to manmade temperature increases by generating dimethylsulfide, a gas that forms reflective clouds. The cycle is important to understand, but a geoengineering solution that exploits it will not solve our problems.


The Perfect Storm?

Don’t look now, but we’re peering down yet another possible threat to Americans’ ability to drive their cars in a way that they can remotely afford—an active Atlantic hurricane season.


Gasping for Air

Human activity, from farming to energy generation, is upsetting ocean ecosystems and creating massive “dead zones” off our coasts. Unchecked, the number of such zones around the world will continue to grow.


Our Dying Oceans

A growing body of research demonstrates that global waters are absorbing massive amounts of carbon dioxide, threatening species at the bottom of the food chain. So why are we still paying so little attention to climate change’s elephant in the room?

Save the Fish: Stop Ocean Acidification

FishThe House Committee on Science and Technology will host a hearing tomorrow on the Federal Ocean Acidification Research and Monitoring Act and efforts to curtail ocean acidification.