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Analog Laws and 21st Century Statecraft

One Thursday in May, a State Department staffer suggested a simple idea to get U.S. citizens involved in the government’s relief efforts in Pakistan. The following Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a simple text donation program. Sending the [...]

No Cyberczar Yet

Techies who eagerly anticipated the announcement of a “cyberczar” along with the release of a 60-day cybersecurity review this week may have been disappointed today. President Obama outlined the position’s responsibilities but did not name an appointee in his remarks [...]

Aneesh Chopra Announced as Nation’s First CTO

News leaked Friday that Aneesh Chopra, Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia, has been appointed the first federal CTO. President Obama made the official announcement Saturday. While working in Virginia, Chopra lead a highly successful effort to ramp up broadband [...]

Sunlight Labs Pre-Thinks

Sunlight Labs, the web development shop of the Sunlight Foundation, runs an occasional series on “Redesigning the Government,” in which they offer redesign and information architecture advice for federal agencies. Today, they’ve conceived a website that doesn’t yet exist, but [...]

Wire a Broadband Stimulus

This week, the Federal Communications Commission will begin designing a plan for improving broadband access and speeds for all Americans. The comment period for how to spend taxpayer funds on the project, which includes $7.2 billion from the American Recovery [...]

CTO Rumors

Government Technology indicates that two major media outlets, The New York Times and the BBC, are reporting that President-elect Obama will announce his pick for White House Chief Technology Officer this week. Among the speculative short listers is Science Progress adviser Vint Cerf.

Change for America on Science and Tech Policy, Part 2: The CTO

Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President book coverWhite House CTO is a new job, but the forthcoming Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President, now in production and due in bookstores in January, devotes a chapter to recommendations for the post in the new administration. Mitchell Kapor, founder of the Lotus Development Corporation and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is the author.

Transition Team Deploys Its First Public Web 2.0 Tools

The Oval Office Facebook GroupThe servers are obviously having a tough time handling the traffic load (I’ve gotten a few errors throughout the day), but President-elect Obama’s transition project has already hit the ground running with a box of web 2.0 tools to organize the next administration at

White Open Spaces

fuzzy TV on a billboardWhile all eyes are on the presidential election today, the five-member Federal Communications Commission will cast its own momentous vote on whether to open up “white spaces” for general use. White spaces are unused sections of the analog television broadcast spectrum–the space between channels. Once the transition to digital TV is completed in February, the FCC will keep about 49 TV channels of the spectrum active.

Historical Election Maps and Open Mapping Research

University of Richmond historical election map for 1980 Open access publishing is great, but what if you can’t capture your research in words? Over at the Chronicle’s Wired Campus blog, Jeffery Young reports that in order to expand the reach and accessibility of their historical elections mapping project, digital historians at the University of Richmond moved their data from an in-house system to two platforms familiar to many web surfers: Google Maps and Google Earth.


The Oval Office Facebook Group

The next transition team must make the most of modern information and communications technology to shape, coordinate, and run the process of moving the next president into office. Here are some suggestions on how that can work.