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Silos of Small Beer

Older industrial areas such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown are places with substantial infrastructure and a proud industrial heritage that are struggling to redefine themselves in the global economy. Entrepreneurship and innovation are the most viable strategies for the economic future of the region.


Energy for Regional Innovation

We can ensure that scientists, engineers, and taxpayers alike get the most out of federal support for basic research and development by taking what researchers know about moving ideas from the lab to the market and linking universities, business, and the government in an effort to grow regional economies.

DOE Leads Federal Funding for a Regional Innovation Cluster

The Department of Energy today drew upon the recommendations of an Obama administration-wide effort to boost regional economic development, announcing that DOE would team up with six other federal agencies to create an energy-related regional innovation cluster dedicated to developing [...]

President’s Budget Aims to Recharge Regional Innovation

Investing in innovation is a critical component of long-term economic prosperity, and the president’s FY2011 budget request includes two notable provisions that will support regional science and technology clusters. The administration is asking for $75 million “to support the creation [...]

Federal Innovation Program Clears Key Capitol Hill Hurdles

Legislation reauthorizing and updating the Small Business Innovation Research program and Small Business Technology Transfer programs has now cleared the House of Representatives and the Senate, but considerable differences between the House and Senate versions will require significant reconciliation efforts [...]

States Are Looking to Grow Their Biotech Sectors

Getting a piece of the biotechnology industry to boost a state economy is a great idea, but it’s complicated. Successfully incubating a regional biotech cluster requires more than building million-dollar laboratories and hoping top researchers appear, Shaila Dewin reports in [...]

CAP Partners with NAS for Innovation Clusters Event

The Center for American Progress, in partnership with the National Academies, is sponsoring a conference this Wednesday, June 3rd on the role of innovation clusters in spurring economic development, creating new jobs, and building a competitive American economy for the [...]