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Climate Scientist Open Letter Wars

A group of Australian scientists have published an uncharacteristically blunt letter reiterating yet again that the public debate about climate science is “phony.” It’s real, it’s here, and its time to suck it up and deal.


A Forecast for Disaster

Weather predictions used to be a frequent punchline but they have improved dramatically in recent years. More often than not you’ll need an umbrella if your local television channel or website of choice tells you to bring one when you [...]


You Say “Solution,” I Say “Pollution”

There are compelling scientific arguments both for and against geoengineering our climate via ocean fertilization. But even if our best science indicates that ocean fertilization will succeed, there are clear ethical reasons to rule it out, as it can never meet with the scrutiny that most of us take to be emblematic of justified, right action.

The American West on Fire

New research investigating the impact of climate change on western wildfires presents a bleak picture. CAP Senior Fellow Tom Kenworthy covers the latest science in an American Progress column this week, explaining the problematic feedback cycle: higher temperatures from global [...]