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Rising to the Challenge

No longer the maker of just low-cost consumer goods, China’s investments in technology innovation are giving the United States a run for its money. Have a look at our new report on China’s technology innovation system, and what the U.S. [...]


Get a Life

Researchers with families need more than childcare. They need a culture of professional assessment that looks for their contributions as teachers, scholars, and citizens—not just an unrelenting rate of work.


Time for Family, Time for Science

A significant proportion of American women leave scientific careers between earning their Ph.D. and winning tenure-track positions. Many of these “leaks” in the pipeline are the result of decisions to start families. Changes to federal and university policy can stem the losses, say the authors of a new report.

Where Is Science Going? Panel Discusses Science Next

Federal funding support for basic scientific research wasn’t always a focal point of government policy. In fact, President John Quincy Adams’s arguements for “internal improvements” such as the establishment of a uniform system of weights and measures, a survey of [...]


Where Are the Grad Students?

Science and engineering will continue to play a key role in growing our economy and developing clean energy technologies. The government needs to enable more students to pursue schooling that contributes to our green growth.