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Readying the Global Flu Shot

While pandemic flu is off the media radar, public health officials are busy tracking what they call the number one infectious threat in the world—and are preparing for the worst-case scenario. Above: A scientist works at the U.S. Naval Medical Research in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Storming the Lab

cbeid labThe impact of Hurricane Ike on the research labs in the storm’s path is generating a small number of headlines. At the end of last week, Science reported on the state of things at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Fortunately, the Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Biocontainment BSL-4 Lab at UTMB suffered minimal damage.

Peacocks and Security

What can fiddler crabs and peacocks teach us about defeating Al Qaeda? Plenty, argues Raphael Sagarin, associate director for Ocean and Coastal Policy at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University, and editor of the new book, Natural Security: A Darwinian Approach to a Dangerous World.

The Dish: Sampling the Blogs

petri dishA quick look at some of the policy-related posts in the science and technology blogosphere: synthetic biology, the lack of science coverage on cable news networks, drug-resistant antibiotics, and rethinking the drug development process.