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Spring-Summer 2008 Print Edition

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From the Editors

A Nation of Science from the Very Beginning (.pdf)
Jonathan Moreno, Editor-in-Chief
New Challenges, New Ideas, New Policies (.pdf)
Ed Paisley, Editorial Director

Innovation and Economic Mobility

Quality and Ingenuity Are Intertwined Intertwined
Regaining Our Innovative Edge Through Quality Assurance
Jim Turner and Maryann Feldman
Diversity Should Power Science
More Money Is Not the Only Answer
Scott Page
Maine’s Tradition of Innovation
Million in New Grants Can Drive R&D
Hannah Pingree
More Tests, Please
No Child Left Behind Debate Misses the Point
Henry Kelly
Supporting Venture Innovation
Venture Capital Drives U.S. Competitiveness
Joseph W. Bartlett
The Flashing Light on America’s Dashboard
The Case for a National Innovation Agenda
Tom Kalil

Energy and Environment

The Path to Better Biofuels
Alex Farrell on the Latest Land Use Studies
Interview by Andrew Plemmons Pratt
Restoring the Waters
21st Century Progressive Movement at Work
Sarah Bates
A New Scientific Resolve
Reflecting Forward on Sputnik’s 50th Anniversary
Vinton Cerf

National Security

Ubiquity Requires Redundancy
The Case for Federal Investment in Broadband
Mark Lloyd
Dual Use Dangers
Biotechnology and Global Security Are Intertwined
Jonathan B. Tucker
Catching Crumbling Infrastructure
Sensor Technology Provides New Opportunity
Reece Rushing

Life Science and Public Health

Bridging the Valley of Death
Cocaine Vaccine Efforts a New Financing Model for Drug Development
Mark Meier
Public Science
NIH’s New Open Access Policy Can Benefit Everyone
Gavin Baker
Abortion and the Slippery Slope
The POPLINE Controversy, Language, and Scientific Integrity
Pablo Rodriguez, MD, Wayne C. Shields, Jennifer Aulwes
Learning From Mom
Promise of Electronic Medical Records Is in the Sharing
Alan Muney
The Heat is On
Editing of CDC Testimony Backfires
Michael Stebbins
Unraveling Our Own Code
Nancy B. Spinner on the Latest Advances in Genetics
Interview by Andrew Plemmons Pratt

Science Communication and Education

Engaging the Scientific Community with the Public
Communication as a Dialogue, Not a Lecture
Rick Borchelt and Kathy Hudson
The Art of Creating Controversy Where None Existed
Leah Ceccarelli
Maintaining U.S. Scientific Leadership
English and Immigrants Are the Immediate Needs
Richard O. Lempert
Yes, Virginia, There Is a War on Science
Conservative Attempts to Argue Otherwise Have Been Feeble
Chris Mooney
It’s Just Like That, Except Different
The Power of Analogy In Describing Nanotechnology
W. Patrick McCray

By The Numbers