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Science Progress advances new policy ideas and analyzes current issues in science and technology policy. We research, write, and publish articles, reports, opinion editorials, and podcasts, in four main areas: Life Sciences, Innovation, Environment, and Science and Society.

Life Sciences, Health & Bioethics

We are at the dawn of what some have referred to as the “biological century,” an age where rapid advances in the life sciences—stem cell research, personalized genetic medicine, and synthetic biology—will play an increasingly important role in shaping our values, our politics, and our economy. Our work in this area advances a progressive vision for how research, regulatory, and patent policy can best support innovation in the life sciences, while reflecting on how our core human values shape the goals of that innovation.
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Technology and Innovation

Since our nation’s founding, innovation has been the driving force behind our increasing wealth and living standards. Interchangeable parts, the assembly line, the automobile, the personal computer, the photovoltaic solar cell, the Internet, the mapping of the human genome, the iPhone—the application of science and technology to the creation of new products, industries, and ways of doing business has created millions of American jobs. Our work in this area examines the inputs and outputs of innovation: how public policy and the private sector must work together to foster innovation, and how we can maximize the impact of innovation to solve global challenges, enrich regional economies, and enhance human flourishing.
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Environment and Oceans

There is only one planet Earth, but there is a great deal of evidence to suggest we aren’t treating it very well. On issues from climate change to ocean acidification to ecosystem management, to clean air and water, science all-too-often takes a back seat to other priorities in the policymaking process. We seek to articulate a vision of how science should inform the way we manage our environmental, atmospheric, and oceanic resources.
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Science and Society

We are, and always have been, a nation of science. Since Thomas Jefferson drafted the patent statute, and John Adams, John Hancock, and James Bowdoin founded the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, our nation has always understood that science and progress were intertwined. But today we face reactionary voices that threaten to undermine the pivotal role of science in guiding our public policy. Our work in this area examines the integrity with which science is taught in the classroom, portrayed in the media, and utilized by the government. We also feature diverse voices pondering where science will take society in the decades and centuries to come.
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