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June 21, 2012


Beyond LASIK

A new painless, non-invasive technology can improve visual perception in healthy people. Dr. Moreno looks at the implications of transcranial magnetic stimulation for the warfighter and beyond.

May 29, 2012


Timeline: A Brief History of Stem Cell Research

Here’s a reboot of our popular timeline of stem cell research and policy over the past 40 years. From early fetal tissue research to the first successful human treatments, this timeline documents the progress in stem cell science, and the policies that have impeded or promoted it.

April 16, 2012


Stay Awake, Comrades

The Chinese Army’s announcement of an alertness drug, dubbed “Night Eagle,” probably says more about China’s desire to expand its presence in the pharmaceutical industry than it says about China’s ability to develop truly novel drugs.

February 7, 2012


Genetic Jobs

The genetic testing industry, with its great potential to not only improve health care outcomes but also create jobs, is a prime example of a government investment with positive return.

December 22, 2011


Bird Flu Blues

The National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity asked two leading life science journals not to publish certain details about experiments done on the bird flu virus to make it even more contagious and potentially deadly, citing public safety concerns.

December 1, 2011


Exclusive Excerpt from the Book ‘Open Wound’

Rooted deeply in historic fact, Dr. Jason Karlawish’s marvelous new book traces the peculiar career of 19th century clinician-turned-scientist Dr. William Beaumont, who became a scientific one-hit-wonder by exploiting the body of the man whose life he saved.

November 29, 2011


The Mouse Trap

Ever wonder how many mice have to die to produce one peer-reviewed medical journal article? Or one new drug? And how much can we really learn about human physiology from mice or other animal experiments anyway? Daniel Engber has authored an excellent, three-part expose at Slate that answers these and other questions about the animal research industry.

November 20, 2011


Stem Cell Tales from the Crypt

Arthur Caplan reports on a closed-door meeting at the Vatican, where Church leadership made it clear it will continue to throw its ethical might and even its money into the debate about where to get stem cells and how best to study them.