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Stem Cell Tales from the Crypt

Arthur Caplan reports on a closed-door meeting at the Vatican, where Church leadership made it clear it will continue to throw its ethical might and even its money into the debate about where to get stem cells and how best to study them.


Cash or a Prayer Book

When making decisions about the future direction of stem cell research, we need to look past conflicts of interest and focus on what the science says.


Death Panels in Arizona

Ninety-eight people in Arizona who were promised life-saving organ transplants have had that promise broken by the Arizona State Legislature. Are death panels real?


A Shot In the Rear

Recent investigations into performance-enhancing drug use in professional sports has driven debate over the substances in the public square. But when making decisions about steroids, one size does not fit all, and there’s more to consider than just “did he or didn’t he?”

New Cloning Techniques Can Advance Stem Cell Research

A team at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Beaverton, Oregon has succeeded in cloning twenty macaque monkey embryos. The techniques they used to achieve this monumental breakthrough in cloning work should also work for making human embryos. Could this breakthrough pave the way to a new source for embryonic stem cells?