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Climate Scientist Open Letter Wars

A group of Australian scientists have published an uncharacteristically blunt letter reiterating yet again that the public debate about climate science is “phony.” It’s real, it’s here, and its time to suck it up and deal.


A Temporary Last Column

Redressing the imbalance between research and outreach, between the creation of knowledge and its sharing.


Got Science?

How to understand how America has changed since the days of the Space Race.


Nerd Busters

GQ’s new “Rock Stars of Science” campaign should give not just disease sufferers, but America’s scientists, hope.

Analog Laws and 21st Century Statecraft

One Thursday in May, a State Department staffer suggested a simple idea to get U.S. citizens involved in the government’s relief efforts in Pakistan. The following Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a simple text donation program. Sending the [...]

Because Today’s Topic is Web 2.0…

We’ve made some recent improvements behind the scenes here at Science Progress that readers may have noticed. But because today’s big Center for American Progress event focuses on the power of New Media technologies, I wanted to make sure that [...]

More Science on TV, Better Science on TV

Battlestar Galactica is hardly the only place you’ll see science in popular entertainment. Technical issues from physics to biomedicine permeate hit series like CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Big Bang Theory that attract mainstream audiences. The National Academy of Sciences [...]


Science-less in Seattle

Tom Paulson, formerly of the Seattle-Post Intelligencer, now a freelance writer, carpenter, and building contractor, epitomizes the story of the science writer in our time.


The Science Lover and the Snob

Nearly 50 years after C.P. Snow’s famous “Two Cultures” lecture, what can we learn from its polemical aftermath, and its author’s savage battles with literary critic F.R. Leavis?


Science Writers and Science Bloggers

Having just moved his blog from one mainstream outlet to another, our Contributing Editor considers the many hats science bloggers now wear in an era of struggling science journalism.Ch


The George Will Scandal

If a major media outlet can’t even correct facts about global warming, is it still socially relevant?

The Possible Futures of Science Journalism

Good science policy depends upon good science journalism. As Chris Mooney has pointed out, the federal government alone spent $142 billion on research and development last year. But “informed citizens deserve to understand more about what they’re getting from that [...]


Darwin’s Dangerous Descendant

Screenwriter Matthew Chapman, the great-great grandson of the great great scientist, reflects upon science, politics, and culture 200 years after Darwin’s birth.


The Authenticity Filter

Over time, various technologies have altered our perceptions of what is essential and original. So how is moving a few pixels around in a photo like altering biological systems?


’Tis the Season of Climate Idiocy

Global warming deniers believe selective anecdotes about anomalous local weather refute the fact there is a globally averaged warming trend.


Colbert Retorts

All the things I didn’t get to say to Stephen Colbert, and other thoughts on the comedics of science.

The Top 12 Science Progress Features of 2008

numbers counting down from 12 to 1Here’s a look back at the most popular features we ran in the past year. Some of them dealt with major controversies over political interference with science at the Environmental Protection Agency, the teaching of creationism, and access to reproductive health services. Others tackled challenges of a networked world, or considered how policy can better harness the talents of a burgeoning scientific workforce.