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Bioprogressive America

A political alliance of bioprogessives on the left and the right can share a commitment to the continued growth of knowledge as a basic humanistic value, the desire to use knowledge as a force for innovation, and an appreciation of innovation as a source of new wealth.


Nerd Busters

GQ’s new “Rock Stars of Science” campaign should give not just disease sufferers, but America’s scientists, hope.

“Rickie, we hardly knew ye…”

Academics and science policy wonks did a double-take last spring when Rick Weiss took early retirement from a wildly successful, award-winning career at The Washington Post to join the Center for American Progress as a senior fellow and columnist for [...]


Eruptions of Know-Nothingism

Governor Jindal’s assault on volcano-monitoring research is just the most recent swipe at federal funding for an important area of study.


Curiosity Makes a Comeback

Curiosity has waxed and waned among our chief executives. Our 44th President plans to restore its preeminence.


Colbert Retorts

All the things I didn’t get to say to Stephen Colbert, and other thoughts on the comedics of science.


The Year of Science

Get ready for regular discussions of science all year long—in the policy arena and the broader culture. But what are we hoping to gain from this effort, and how will we know if we learn anything at all?