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Unnatural Selection

As prenatal screening for both medical and nonmedical traits becomes a serious possibility, we walk a moral tightrope between letting parents choose and upholding our societal standards of tolerance.


The ‘New Age’ of Synthetic Stem Cell Organs

The hype surrounding the completion of the first synthetic organ transplant constructed from the patient’s own stem cells might obscure what we can really learn from this accomplishment: the continued need for support for research in the life sciences.


Bioprogressive America

A political alliance of bioprogessives on the left and the right can share a commitment to the continued growth of knowledge as a basic humanistic value, the desire to use knowledge as a force for innovation, and an appreciation of innovation as a source of new wealth.


One Step Closer to Designer Babies

A new approach to testing the genes of early-stage fetuses could radically alter the experience of pregnancy and parenting from as early as five weeks, leading to a potentially dangerous moral quandary.


The Stem Cell Hype Machine

The debate over embryonic stem cell research has been wrought with hype. Here are the top five over-hyped claims made by critics, and why they are wrong.


A Light Revolution in Neuroscience

Optogenetics opens the door to understanding how specific types of neurons contribute to brain function, but the ethics of using it in humans needs serious consideration.


True Human Enhancement

Nicholas Agar’s new book explores the ethical implications of the use of present and future technologies to enhance human minds, bodies, and experiences. Agar raises enormous and never-finally-answerable questions about the end—or perhaps, better, ends—of human beings.


Problem Solvers

A welcome focus on pragmatism over philosophizing adds new challenges the commission’s task to move ideas move from recommendation to implementation.


Bioethics Progressing

It has been two weeks since the White House announced the members of its bioethics commission. Here, the authors argue for a progressive approach to bioethics, because the core idea of progress is closely associated with the modern idea of science, and bioethics itself embodies a progressive spirit.


Practical Science

Members will address questions that knit together policies for expanding scientific innovation, expanding access to quality health care, and protecting citizens from harm.

Legislation Introduced to Codify Stem Cell Rules

Last week, Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) introduced a bill that would codify the bedrock bioethical safeguards for federally-funded human embryonic stem cell research. These provisions reflect the guidelines that have been in effect at the National Institutes of Health since [...]


Red Tape Around Stem Cells?

Frustrations over delays in reviewing stem cell lines are understandable, but eight years of Bush administration rules merely delayed the necessary ethics considerations.