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June 24, 2013


Your Genes Not for Sale

The Supreme Court, in denying Myriad the ability to patent human genes, has reaffirmed that some discoveries are inventions worthy of private ownership and others are simply part of the laws of nature.

May 15, 2013


Software Patents: Separating Rhetoric from Facts

Software patents are increasingly prominent in the digital economy, but a dive into the data suggests we may not yet have figured out the right balance of quantity and quality.

May 10, 2013

Getting Innovative with Regional Innovation Funding

Amidst the president’s national “Jobs and Opportunity Tour,” the Commerce Department quietly unrolled an innovative platform to support creative coordination among technology, trade, training, and economic growth in America’s regions.

April 19, 2013


Equity Crowdfunding: Boost for Innovation or Haven for Scams?

Equity crowdfunding presents great potential for some entrepreneurs to more smoothly navigate the valley of death and drive innovation, and examples from Europe suggest that effective safeguards against fraud are possible.

March 1, 2013


The Ten Principles of 3D Printing

In their new book, Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing, Lipson and Kurman lay out the 10 most important things about 3D printing that make it special—and the 10 reasons why it really could be the next big thing in American Manufacturing.

February 14, 2013


How The Sequester’s R&D Cuts Will Hurt Science And Innovation

After President Obama’s call to attain a “level of research and development not seen since the height of the Space Race” in the State of the Union, universities are renewing their cry for a deal to avoid the automatic budget cuts known as “sequestration.”

February 11, 2013


Announcement Raises Hopes About Cheaper-Than-Coal Solar Technology

V3Solar’s announcement about its new super-cheap “Spin Cell” solar cones is another reason for hope that cheap-as-dirt solar may around the corner, but making early predictions about the final cost of energy technologies is an inherently tricky business.

January 22, 2013


ARPA-E is Here to Stay

The new energy research agency authorized by President Bush and implemented by Obama has similarities with past federal R&D successes, but is missing a fundamental ingredient enjoyed by past technology programs: Market pull.

November 30, 2012


President Barack Obama: The Entrepreneur-In-Chief?

Though he hasn’t asked for a lot of attention, the president has quietly made ambitious reforms for small businesses across the country through legislation and executive action that range from common-sense to very bold.

November 2, 2012


The President’s Secret Manufacturing Innovation Agenda

The Obama administration has embraced innovation policy to strengthen U.S. manufacturing. But despite the importance of innovation and manufacturing to our economic well-being, you rarely hear about it in this election year noise.

October 16, 2012

Can Rare Earth Replacements Spur A Supply Chain Revolution?

Rare earth metals, more plentiful in China than the US, present a unique environmental and industrial supply chain challenge for domestic firms. Adam James looks at a few innovative companies, or UpStarts, working to create solutions and enhance US competitiveness.

September 21, 2012


Supporting the Status Quo on Science Is No Longer Good Enough

If we want the U.S. economy to innovate and remain competitive in the 21st century, we can not afford to take for granted our elected leaders’ support for research, development, and the other increasingly numerous drivers of innovation.