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One Step Closer to Designer Babies

A new approach to testing the genes of early-stage fetuses could radically alter the experience of pregnancy and parenting from as early as five weeks, leading to a potentially dangerous moral quandary.


What Kind of Bioethics Council Do We Need?

Many genetic, reproductive, and biomedical technologies now in development pose new societal challenges, raising questions about how we understand and uphold social justice, human rights, and even our shared humanity.


The Baby Business and Public Policy

Drawing lessons from other countries’ regulatory successes could help temper the commercial pressures in the U.S. assisted reproduction sector, without in any way diminishing reproductive rights.


Next Steps for Progressive Stem Cell Politics

In the wake of the Bush administration’s policies, we will have the political space to craft a pro-research stand that simultaneously highlights the need for consistent and enforceable regulation, for hope without hype, and for developing human biotechnologies according to principles of social justice and human rights.