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Beyond Vaccine Politics to Biopolitics

Even in an election cycle that is dominated by the economy, feelings about cultural issues continue to be the most raw, especially where the power of modern medical science seems to conflict with tradition values. Welcome to the era of biopolitics.


The Road to Abbotobad: The CIA in Your DNA

The CIA’s phony “hepatitis immunization” DNA gathering campaign in Abbottabad undermines not only U.S.-Pakistan relations but also the global polio eradication program and potentially our own public health.


Bioprogressive America

A political alliance of bioprogessives on the left and the right can share a commitment to the continued growth of knowledge as a basic humanistic value, the desire to use knowledge as a force for innovation, and an appreciation of innovation as a source of new wealth.

Sargent Shriver: Bioethics Pioneer

Among the many reasons to remember Sargent Shriver–war hero, presidential adviser, Peace Corps founder, vice presidential candidate–there is one that few may know about: pioneer of bioethics. In 1970 the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation was considering support for a [...]


The Stem Cell Stain

Bush recounts his logic behind the decision to allow NIH research only on existing embryonic stem cell lines in his new memoir—but does it pass muster?


Shape Shifting

Public policymakers need to grasp these converging distinctions to ensure our economy remains competitive and entrepreneurial.


One Small Step for Embryonic Stem Cells

The Food and Drug Administration approves the first clinical trial for embryonic stem cell treatment in patients with recent spinal cord injuries—creating a much needed regulatory pathway.