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Big Ideas for Small Business

In the latest installment of CAP’s “Big Ideas for Small-Business Policy” series, Sean Pool and Ed Paisley address changes to existing policy that help start up firms with high growth potential create jobs through the commercialization of new technology.

DOE Leads Federal Funding for a Regional Innovation Cluster

The Department of Energy today drew upon the recommendations of an Obama administration-wide effort to boost regional economic development, announcing that DOE would team up with six other federal agencies to create an energy-related regional innovation cluster dedicated to developing [...]


Angels Sometimes Need Help, Too

Early-stage investors in innovation companies—angel investors—and the founders of start-up companies they support financially, warrant investment support. Here’s one intriguing idea.


The Geography of Innovation

The federal government can assume a vital role in which it frames critical national challenges, facilitates the flow of information and expertise to and between regions, and helps finance, in a competitive and leveraged fashion, valuable activities that innovation clusters would otherwise be unable to undertake.


From the Lab to the Market

Five factors influence biotechnology transfer—university policies, economic development agencies, venture capitalists, strategic partners, and financial markets. Understanding each of them is crucial to building regional centers of innovation.

Britain Gets Creative About Innovation

British politician Gordon Brown has always been keen on creating innovation in his nation’s economy, convinced that U.K. universities and businesses together can create new technologies and services that will boost economic growth. Now that he’s prime minister of the United Kingdom, he’s moving swiftly to act on those inclinations—with possible lessons for the United States.

Bad News, Good News on Seed Stage Financing

Getting good science from university labs and startup companies to the marketplace requires plenty of risk capital. Problem is, institutional investors are putting more and more of their money into late-stage venture capital firms, which disparage what they call the “spray and pray” venture financing model.

Health IT: Private and Public Push Needed

A telling quote in today’s Washington Post article about Microsoft Corp.’s new online Electronic Medical Record service, HealthVault, encapsulates why the federal government needs to join the private sector’s push for personal and secure online EMRs.

Cognitive Capitalism: Don’t Forget the Financing

A new Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development-sponsored paper, “Understanding the Regional Contribution of Higher Education Institutions: A Literature Review,” is chalk full of information on a wide array of roles played by universities in fostering innovation, lifelong learning, local policymaking and sustainable development.