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Duck, Rabbit, Gas Well

The debate over fracking is like the duck-rabbit illusion: some see economic opportunity, others see environmental injustice.The question is: Who gets to write the rules – those who see ducks or those who see rabbits?


The Ideology of Fracking

This online survey about natural gas fracking and beliefs about technology will seek to understand why the divisions on these issues don’t necessarily match traditional political boundaries.


The Religiosity of the Fracking Debate

The debate over hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has a religious aura to it, despite each side claiming to have science on its side. Adam Briggle discusses the politics of fracking, and the perils of values debates that masquerade as science issues.


Fracked Ideologies

Natural gas fracking has ignited a fiery political debate, but the two sides do not fall evenly along party traditional party lines. Perhaps technology is giving rise to a new ideological dichotomy: ‘precautionaries’ and ‘proactionaries’.